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Local Guides, Events, Clubs - Guided fossil walks from Charmouth with local author, historian and fossil guide Nigel Clarke. - Go on a fossil walk from Lyme Regis with local expert Brandon Lennon. - Vist the Philpot Museum for a wealth of fascinating facts about the town, its fossils and its history. - A database of nearly 1000 fossils from museums in Dorset and E Devon.  A great resource for fossil identification and a wealth of other information. - For all tourist information, do visit this site - a complete guide of what Lyme has to offer. - Month by month guide to all activities in the town. - Information on how to protect the area and what laws to abide by when visiting the Jurassic Coast and hunting for fossils. - Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society. Members share a common interest in collecting, preserving and studying minerals and fossils.  Meetings, field trips and other activities. - Dorset Geologists' Association Group.  There is a full list of field trips and events for this year plus Geology walks in and around Dorset.  Plenty of links with photos taken on previous trips, regular newsletter and archive of previous newsletters. - a very active society with regular meetings, field trips, foreign visits, workshop access and a yearly show.


Recommended Retail outlets - Visit Organika Gems for handcrafted jewellery in natural stones and sterling silver, selected fossils and minerals. - This company supplies dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toys, games, puzzles, models, posters and merchandise. - a great site covering a museum near Peterborough, online fossil & crystal shop, fossil walks and archaelogical activities.


Fossil Resources & Forums - The Natural History Museum, London - no explanation needed! - This is the UK Fossils Network, incorporating UKGE Limited (selling geological equipment) and Deposits Magazine.  A huge resource for researching, learning and discussing fossils in the UK. - A website offering information on fossil locations, fossil identification, maps, and offering guided hunts for groups and individuals. - An active and extensive forum with lots of fossil collectors sharing their expertise and photos, plus a chatroom for live discussions with other members. - An educational resources website with news, exchange of ideas between fans, collectors and professionals, expeditions information, gallery and more. - Fossil hunting and identification around the mid-Atlantic area, with some great hunt reports featuring write-ups, photos and results. - A virtual museum of fossils, with timeline, fossil sites throughout the world, fossil records and some highlighted museum fossils. - A huge resource on Trilobites, also available in book form due to its success, with images, glossaries, morphology and any other information you could wish for. - Great resource for those wishing to learn more about the fossils of the Burgess Shales, British Columbia, Canada.  This site was kindly recommended to us by Mrs Lowe's class! - This resource is recommended by Ms Bartlett's class at Lexington School, USA, who found it very useful. Thank you! - Great information on dinosaur teeth. 
Recommended by Gigi and Eric Hewitt who found it very useful. Thank you!


Mineral & Crystals Resources & Forums - A massive and active forum for mineral enthusiasts and collectors, initially started as a public question and answer space, and evolving into a huge discussion forum, freqently updated and well-maintained. - The Natural History Museum, London - no explanation needed!


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